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Get the outside of your car sparkling clean and protect it from weather damage. Choose from Melges Car Wash’s 3 different packages below. FREE self-serve vacuums with the purchase of every tunnel wash.

You'll love the great service and value and you will come back again and again.

Note: Open-bed pickup trucks must be free of debris. There is a $1 upcharge for oversized vehicles.

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Wash Packages

Upgrades can be added on while purchasing the wash package at the payment terminal upon entering the tunnel wash.

$5 Ceramic Sealant at Melges Car Wash.
$5 Black Magic Tire Shine at Melges Car Wash.
$5 Rain-X at Melges Car Wash.

Pre-buy multiple washes at a discount. Wash Books can be used at both of our locations and on multiple vehicles, saving you time and money. Available on site, see an attendant

$80 Express Wash Book at Melges Car Wash.
$104 Deluxe Wash Book at Melges Car Wash.
$144 Pro-Shine Wash Book at Melges Car Wash.
Wash Books
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